The company wishing to obtain the Bio-Earth-Durable mention must contact the Bio-Earth-Durable committee and send it a membership application file presenting its motivations, its state of mind and committing it to comply with requirements of this standard. The control of the respect of the criteria stated in the present reference system is a biennial control (every two years) of absence of organo-chlorinated and phosphorus pesticides, practiced on 3 separate or common products.

The CPNP notification numbers, the files of its back labels mentioning the formula declared to the CPNP, the photos of the finished products.

The percentage of organic ingredients contained in the formula, the traceability of organic ingredients up to 25% of the formula.

Pesticide research analysis results.

The company wishing to obtain the Bio-Earth-Durable mention transmits by email:




Its membership certificates (animal protection, social and humanitarian causes, ecological contribution to the community, sorting of waste, etc.).


Any certificates of conformity to other standards.


Managing the sustainable development of production.


This declaration is examined by the ethics committee which then decides on the validation of

membership. For the sake of preserving the company's manufacturing secrets, it should be noted that the Bio-Earth-Durable ethics committee has access neither to the total centesimal formulas of the products, nor to the manufacturer's formulation secrets (methods of incorporating ingredients).


The ethics committee concludes with possible non-conformities which will request their lifting by a

corrective action by email or RAR letter. Corrective actions will be subject to approval

by the Bio-Earth-Sustainable Ethics Committee.

In the event of non-compliance with the standard or the membership conditions within eight days after sending

the request for the lifting of nonconformities, the reference to the label as well as to its logo will be refused

by the ethics committee. The member will be excluded and prohibited from continuing advertising

of the label under penalty of a penalty of 100 € per day for the benefit of the club. This benchmark remains evolving according to the regulations and decisions of the BIO-EARTH-DURABLE ethics committee.